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buy GBL 99 - 0,5 Liter, 500ml

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Buy GBL or order GBL online in our gblshopIf you want to buy GBL with BASF Quality, don't look further. Our GBL 99 contains Gamma Butyrolactone of the best quality (BASF). GBL is a colorless odorless transparent liquid free of suspended substance. It is miscible with water,alcohols, ketones, esters and aromatic hydrocarbons. Solubility is limited in aliphatic and cycloaliphatic hydrocarbons. 

Applications of GBL:

-Crop protection agents
-Photographic chemicals
-PH regulator
-Viscosity modifier
-Wood preservative
-Foundry resins
-Printing ink industry
-Textile industry
-Leather industry
-Plastics processing
-Paint and graffiti remover

Certificate of Analysis 
GBL (Gamma-butyrolactone) included



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Bien reçu, une semaine après la commande
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Eindelijk weer op voorraad. Lang gewacht, maar dan heb je ook wat :)
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Reputable shop and good services!
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Why the fuck they don't deliver to the Netherlands! Shitty rules in the Netherlands. Don't blame you guys, but can't give you 5 stars as you have excluded the Netherlands from delivery.I think I will move to an other country where you will deliver :p
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I had great buying experience in this webshop. It is actually the best online shop to buy GBL cleaner. The prices are one of the best on the Internet, the dispatch and delivery are fast, you can read other users reviews and most importantly they deliver and send the products as they look and described. Their customer support is also highly responsive and really helpful. Few times I had questions about some of their products and I always got fast and relevant answers. I will remain a long term customer of this website. Recommended.

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